The main objectives of the Mining Business Center are:

  • To build a site that meets environmental standards and energy efficiency requirements, which will serve as a showcase for a mining base and leave its mark on the revitalization and development of territorial planning;
  • To establish better synergy between the actions of all institutional actors in the sector and operators aimed at stimulating legal mining investments;
  • To expedite administrative procedures and services in the mining sector;
  • To connect the international and national markets in order to reduce intermediaries and increase price returns for small-scale miners and processors of mining products.


The expected results are:

  • Increase in the number of new mining investors operating in Madagascar;
  • Improvement in the flow of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) through various new mining projects;
  • Acceleration and improvement of administrative procedures (service quality);
  • To be the showcase of “Doing Business” and good business practices in Madagascar.
  • Establishment of better synergy between the actions of all institutional actors in the sector;
  • Eradication of underground and informal economies;
  • Encouragement of local processing of mining products, aiming to increase added value;
  • Improvement of the economic contribution of the mining sector to the country’s development in general through various mining projects;
  • Possibility of hosting international exhibitions and conferences related to the mining sector.