REGIONAL FAIR « LANJA MIAKATRA 2016 », to promote the key sectors of development

The regional fair « Lanja Miakatra 2016 » or « Positive evolution » was held on 24th, 25th and 26th of september in Betsiboka, MAEVATANANA.

This economic event, cultural and sportive brings until 100,000 people each year. This one is a space for exchange on all dimensions of : regional development policy, experts the regional economic potential and regional mobility : culture, sport…

In that case, the Betsiboka region have a big economic potential in mining sector, it have chromium estimated at 3 millions tons, precious or semi precious stones like Quartz, Beryl…), industrial stones like gypsum, agate about 250 millions in gite of Isinko and Marokoro.

This region is famous for its gold potential (44% of this territory) and 65% of the local population exploits gold and lives in the mining sector.

« Promote our key sectors of economic and sociocultural development » such a slogan’s fair « Lanja Miakatra 2016 », BCMM has already an office in this locality and the official partner event.

During the fair, BCMM held a stand for three days, all its activities, roles and missions could be exposed to the public. With that, BCMM present its new project to build a new office in Maevatanana. In addition, the BCMM also held a panel discussion focusing on the gold sector, during which several questions were asked and clarified.