Closing of PanAfGeo Session WP6 on Geological Inheritance

Geologists from African countries (such as Madagascar, Algeria, Benin, Cameroon, DRC, Côte d’Ivoire, Mauritania, Niger, Chad) met on 08 June 2019 at the Mining Business Center Mamory Ivato to attend the last classroom training about the PanAfGeo Session WP6 on Geological Inheritance.

31 official participants including Malagasy and staff from the African Geological Commission participated in the five-days training including classroom training (03 and 04 June 2019) and field trip for practical work to the West zone of Antananarivo at Ampefy – on the RN1 axis (05, 06 and 07 June 2019). Other actors in the Geological field especially Malagasy students were also able to attend the training.

This last day training ended with the ceremony certificates to PanAfGeo official trainees in the presence of Mr Fidiniavo RAVOKATRA – Minister of Mines and Strategic Resources, the representative of PanAfGeo, the Organisation of African Geological Services’ representative (OAGS) and the European Union’s representative.


PanAfGeo WP6 Training – Geo-inheritance


The Mining Business Center (MBC) hosts the PanAfGeo “Geo-inheritance WP6” training, which began on June 03, 2019.

The organization of this training is provided jointly by the Department of Studies and Geological and Mining Promotion (DEPGM), the Madagascar Mining Cadastre Office (BCMM), under the leadership of the Ministry of Mines and Strategic Resources (MMRS).

Launched in 2016, the PanAfGeo training was attended by several African countries. PanAfGeo WP6 is organizing a total of five (5) training sessions on Geological Heritage in Africa for 2017-2019. Two sessions have already been organized in English in Tanzania and Namibia, and one in French in Morocco. This last year 2019, there will be a training in French in Madagascar, and another in Portuguese in Mozambique.

PanAfGeo WP6 presents itself in a classroom training (from 03 to 04 June 2019 at MBC Mamory Ivato) followed by a field trip for practical work to the West zone of Antananarivo on the RN1 axis (Ampefy). The classroom training will end on June 08, 2019 at the MBC.

The subjects that will be developed:

  • General information on geological heritage, geodiversity, geo-conservation, geotourism and geoparks.
  • Relationship between the concepts of geodiversity, biodiversity and cultural diversity
  • Relationship between geological heritage and mining heritage.
  • Inventory methodology. Identification and evaluation of geotopes. Inventory planning and development.
  • Strategic planning for geoconservation. Types of initiatives: protection, restoration, mitigation.
  • International conventions, normative and legislation.
  • Geoconservation in protected areas. Site monitoring and management recommendations.
  • Geoparks and geotourism for local socio-economic development.
  • Public awareness initiatives. Interpretation of the geological heritage.
  • Geoconservation in spatial and urban planning and urban.

PanAfGeo 1

PanAfGeo WP6 – Geo-inheritance : Mr Enrique Diaz-Martinez speech


PanAfGeo 2

PanAfGeo WP6 – Geo-inheritance : Opening speech by Mr IMBIKI Herilaza, Secretary General of the Ministry of Mines and Strategic Resources


PanAfGeo 3

PanAfGeo WP6 -Geoinheritance : Geologists who participated in the training and audience composed especially by Malagasy students.


PanAfGeo 4

PanAfGeo WP6 – Géohéritage : Geologists who participated in the training and audience composed especially by Malagasy students.


PanAfGeo 5

PanAfGeo WP6 – Geo-inheritance : Geologists who participated in the training and audience composed especially by Malagasy students.


PanAfGeo 6

PanAfGeo WP6 – Geo-inheritance  : Geologists who participated in the training and audience composed especially by Malagasy students.


REGIONAL FAIR « LANJA MIAKATRA 2016 », to promote the key sectors of development

The regional fair « Lanja Miakatra 2016 » or « Positive evolution » was held on 24th, 25th and 26th of september in Betsiboka, MAEVATANANA.

This economic event, cultural and sportive brings until 100,000 people each year. This one is a space for exchange on all dimensions of : regional development policy, experts the regional economic potential and regional mobility : culture, sport…

In that case, the Betsiboka region have a big economic potential in mining sector, it have chromium estimated at 3 millions tons, precious or semi precious stones like Quartz, Beryl…), industrial stones like gypsum, agate about 250 millions in gite of Isinko and Marokoro.

This region is famous for its gold potential (44% of this territory) and 65% of the local population exploits gold and lives in the mining sector.

« Promote our key sectors of economic and sociocultural development » such a slogan’s fair « Lanja Miakatra 2016 », BCMM has already an office in this locality and the official partner event.

During the fair, BCMM held a stand for three days, all its activities, roles and missions could be exposed to the public. With that, BCMM present its new project to build a new office in Maevatanana. In addition, the BCMM also held a panel discussion focusing on the gold sector, during which several questions were asked and clarified.


Africa Downunder 2016, a nod to Australian investors.

As part of the international mining promotion, the Ministry at the Presidency in charge of Mines and Petroleum and the Mining register Office of Madagascar, carried out several “road show” “Since the beginning of 2016: MINING INDABA in South Africa and PDAC in Canada are the best known. Madagascar was also at MINES AND MONEY in Hong Kong and at the 23rd edition of the INDUSTRIAL MINERALS INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS AND EXHIBITION in Prague, Czech Republic in June. And most recently, Madagascar was represented at the AFRICA DOWNUNDER 2016 in Perth, Australia on the 7th to the 9th of last September, always with the aim of seeking new opportunities and achieving one of the objectives of the National Development Plan (NDP) Which is to make the mining sector “a main strategic sector for the development of Madagascar”. The Malagasy delegation was led by the Presidency minister in charge of Mines and Petroleum: ZAFILAHY Ying Vah.

With its 14 years of existence, PayDirt Australia organized a conference for three days dedicated to the African mining sector, a unique opportunity for the Malagasy mining sector, whose objective is to attract new investors, but above all to establish a tight cooperation between the two countries: Madagascar and Australia.

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Many major actors in the African and Australian mining sector participated in the Africa Downunder 2016 such as: African Ministers, Ambassadors, investors, CEO of several Australian companies, financials, consultants, service providers Upstream and downstream … Around forty speakers took the floor during the three days of the event and many themes focused on the mining sector in Africa have been developed. The Head of the Malagasy Delegation explained to a load of experts the potential of the great island in terms of mines and oil, the legal frameworks for mining and oil investment, the Mining Code improvement project. He insisted on two main points: enhancing will be made to the new Mining Code in order to have a “win-win” partnership, all the mining projects in Madagascar must have positive socio-economic impacts at the level of the local population and better consideration of the environment.

Accompanied by technicians from his department, the Head of the delegation had several meetings during the Africa Downunder, they were able to discuss different topics with Ambassadors, academics, business leaders. The Minister at the Presidency in charge of Mines and Petroleum also encounter his African counterparts, experience exchanges were made.

Besides conferences and meetings, the delegation also held a stand during the three days of conference for those who wanted to have more information on the Malagasy mining and petroleum sector.

Madagascar’s participation in Africa Downunder 2016, which was very successful, demonstrates the Malagasy government’s willingness to revive and revitalize a key sector of the country’s economic development: the mining and oil sector.